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TopCrete is the flagship of our products. It is a complete stamped concrete system that provides the user with a multitude of choices in patterns & colors. These many alternatives provide the user with options such as simulated brick, stone, slate, etc.. in many available colors. Patterns are as close to reality as possible and our trained crews make sure that the final product is as realistic as can be achieved.



15 x 15 Tile

Basket Weave


Paver Stone


Roman Tiles

European Fan

Jurasic Stone

Flower Rock

Castle Stone

Herringbone Brick

Large Rustic Stone

Old Flat Stone

Rustic Rock

Travertino Ashlar

Danish Fan

London Cobble Stone

English Cobble

Royal Ashlar

LaHabra Skin

Santorini Stone

Wood Planks

60 x 60 Slate

Wood Parkay

Mexican Tiles

Stone Skin

Pebble Skin

Metallic Sheet

Grapevine Border

Tri Ashlar Slate

Bush Hammered

Cut Stone

Byblos Stone

Cobble Circle






Colors in the decorative concrete industry are predominantly related to the color Hardener, the main component in decorative Concrete. In Stamped concrete applications the colored release agent provides a highlighting effect thus changing the appearance of the overall color. It is by its nature not uniform and homogeneous. 

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