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Concrete Tables

A durable and weatherproof solution for outdoor furniture that can withstand the extreme environmental conditions and be decorative as well. Available in many colors they are designed to fit various bases. 

Concrete Benches

A simple and durable design for outdoor use. Benches can withstand the extreme weather conditions and provide a wood like finish. Available in many colors with or without a back rest, they are modular and can be used in multiple layouts.

PreCast Steps

A practical solution for stairs in applications where a classic simple concrete finished staircase is desired. The durable and smooth finish material and the custom forming capability allows for individual design with optional concealed lights as well as a variety of colors. Aggregates can also be added to the mix to provide a Terrazzo like finish.

Aggregated Tiles

We custom manufacture concrete tiles with a variety of embedded aggregates. Grinded rough or smooth depending on the use and application the tiles are finished with an acrylic sealer to protect against stains and surface damage. The tiles can be manufactured to a maximum thickness of 3 cms and can be as big as 90 x 90 Cms.

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